We provide the maintenance necessary to keep your website performing and evolving. Our plans include the technology and consulting that you need on an ongoing basis.

Hosting & Maintenance

A modern website is complicated. With improper resources or configuration, it can be slow or even unusable. Without updating it can be hacked. With multiple parties involved, it can fall victim to lack of accountability. All of these increase the cost and effort it requires — not to mention lowering your site’s value to your business.

That is why at T324 we usually provide all of the technology a site needs. We can increase reliability, reduce costs, and eliminate vendor finger pointing by providing a complete solution that includes all Hosting and Maintenance.

Updates and Enhancements

The completion of your website project is really the beginning of a longer journey. To sustain and improve its value to your business, we’ll work with you to Update and Enhance your website.

At the end of a project, we train you to make updates yourself. And then, our staff is always on call to provide assistance when you need it. You do the easy things, we can handle the hard things — so you don’t stress out. If you happen to have a website that we didn’t build, we can help you maintain that as well!

Strategy & Planning

Our clients have told us loud and clear that they prefer a long-term technology partner to a one-shot deal. This is because the Internet has become an integral part of how they do business. It is complex and continuously changing, and they want someone they can count on to help them use it to their advantage.

This is where our ongoing Strategy and Planning comes in. When we begin working with you, we identify your priorities and challenges, and then develop a plan to address them. We both know priorities and business needs change with time. And so, we meet with you on a regular basis (quarterly or annually depending upon your preference) to assess these changes and update your plan.